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Logan Sargeant: Formula 1's Newest American Driver

Logan Sargeant: Formula 1's Newest American Driver

There hasn't been a driver in Formula 1 since 2007, Mr. Scott Speed. Yes, there was Alex Rossi in 2015, but he only raced in 5 races before leaving the sport. That means, there hasn't been an American Formula 1 driver in over 15 years.

In the words of a racing legend, Mario Andretti, "The only thing missing in F1 is an American driver."
Mercedes Formula 1 Car on Track

Now how will this change the landscape of motor racing in the United States? NASCAR has dominated motorsports in the US for decades, but due to the popularity of the Netflix show, "Drive to Survive", there is an increasing popularity of Formula 1 amongst Americans. In fact, there are now 3 different Grand Prix being raced in the 2023 season.

Austin is now joined by the Miami Grand Prix, and the brand-new Las Vegas Grand Prix. Having American Grand Prix in two of the most famous cities in the United States is sure to bring more popularity to Formula 1.
Miami Grand Prix

Will you be rooting for Logan Sargeant? Let us know in the comments!
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