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2023 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Weather Forecast

After a rain-free weekend in Monza, is rain in the forecast for the Singapore round?

This weekend, the spotlight is on the Marina Bay Circuit as it hosts the Singapore Grand Prix, marking the 15th round of the ongoing Formula 1 season.

While the previous weekend at Monza was completely devoid of rain, the Singapore Grand Prix might see some wet conditions, throwing an added twist for the drivers.

Due to Singapore's tropical climate, it experiences warmth and humidity throughout the year. Daytime temperatures typically range between 86 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit, and nighttime temperatures seldom dip below 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequent daily showers are the norm, with occasional threats of thunderstorms.

As per the reports from, Friday's practice session is likely to stay dry. There's only a minimal 20% chance of showers, and temperatures might soar up to around 91 degrees Fahrenheit during the day's peak.

However, as the weekend progresses, the likelihood of rain intensifies. On Saturday, the qualifying day, there's a 40% probability of rain at the circuit.

Sunday will see an even greater potential for showers, with over a 60% chance of rainfall.

Still, the majority of the showers are predicted to occur in the afternoon. Given that both the qualifying and the race are set for the evening, it's unlikely the track will be too wet during those sessions.

Temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday are expected to hover around 89 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the sun will have set by the race's start, the drop in temperature will be minimal.

By the time the Grand Prix kicks off at 8 PM local time, the anticipated temperature is around 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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